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The University of Bukoba

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The University of Bukoba is an independent, non-denominational and non-partisan institution, supported by the community of the Kagera Region, and located in the historic town of Bukoba on the western shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, East Africa.

Our Mission

The University of Bukoba, a secular private institution of higher learning based on Community moral and material support, aims at being a centre of excellence providing a high quality of education, research and consultancy. In addition to imparting academic knowledge and professional skills to its students, the University also aims at promoting life-long study habits, and strives to instil values of integrity, self-respect and respect for others. Moreover the University aims at promoting the pursuit and defence of truth with transparency and honesty, and the rendering of service with professional competence, ethics and devotion.

Becoming a Student

To be admitted as a student in the 2002-2003 academic year, contact the University of Bukoba for an application form.

The University of Bukoba - Hekima na Ubunifu

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The University of Bukoba
P. O. Box 1725, Bukoba

Phone: Tel./Fax +255-28-2220691