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  • Bukoba is a medium-sized town on the western shore of Lake Victoria in the Kagera region of northwest Tanzania. 
  • Bukoba is about a six-hour journey from Kampala by road, and a one-hour flight from Mwanza.
  • Bukoba boasts a pleasant climate year round, historic buildings, scenic overlooks from the hills, and abundant bird life.

University Campuses

  • Until June 2001 the University was temporarily housed at the ELCT Nyumba ya Vijana in the town centre.
  • From July 2001 to September 2002, administrative offices are temporarily located on Ghana Road in the former Immigration Building (near the Regional Office).
  • Renovations are ongoing at the new campus on Kashozi Road, Kyanyi, 1.5 km from the town centre. The new campus will open in October, 2002.



  • Classrooms/Seminar Rooms: There are several seminar rooms with capacities of about 30 people each.
  • Lecture Rooms: There is one lecture hall with a capacity of 100 people.
  • Library: The library currently has over 1000 books, and the library building can accommodate 30 people and 10,000 volumes.
  • Science Laboratories: There are laboratories for biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science.
  • Computer Laboratory: The computer building has space for at least 30 computers.
  • Administrative Block: There is adequate space for faculty and staff offices.


The following additions will be made to the university campus in the second phase 
  • Food and Accommodation: Facilities will include a cafeteria and student hostel.
  • Sport and Leisure: Facilities will include a track, tennis court, football pitch, netball pitch basketball court and volleyball court.

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