The University of Bukoba


The University of Bukoba is an independent, non-denominational and non-partisan institution, supported by the community of the Kagera Region, and located in the historic town of Bukoba on the western shore of Lake Victoria.


The University of Bukoba being one of the secular private institutions of higher learning based on Community moral and material support aims at being a centre of excellence providing a high quality of education, research and consultancy.  In addition to imparting academic knowledge and professional skills to its students the University also aims at promoting life-long study habits, and strive to instil values of integrity, self-respect and respect for others.  Moreover the University aims at promoting the pursuit and defence of truth with transparency and honesty, and the rendering of service with professional competence, ethics and devotion.  


  1. To form an academic community of both teachers and learners as a centre of creativity and dissemination of knowledge, which, promotes the protection and advancement of human dignity and human values;

  2. To advance, expand, transmit, enhance and preserve knowledge for the benefit of the people of Tanzania, Africa and the world in general;

  3. To promote respect for learning among various disciplines and the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and to promote progressive and responsible application of knowledge, science and technology for the benefit of mankind in the present and coming generations;

  4. To contribute toward the satisfaction of the demand for experts by society in various fields of humanities, science and technology by preparing competent and well qualified intellectuals of high academic and moral integrity;

  5. To provide University education and higher learning to the younger generations of the international community in general and of Tanzania in particular and avail an avenue of social mobility to all able men and women;

  6. To empower students by providing them with opportunities to enhance the formation of their fundamental capabilities and by assisting them to think critically and to be skilful in communication and in methods of inquiry;

  7. To prepare and mould men and women of integrity, devotion, and commitment, who are principled, accountable and capable of assuming leadership roles in society toward the attainment of the ideals of a just and fair society;

  8. To promote equal opportunity for women, ethnic minorities, the poor and disabled; the nurturing of universal values and inculcation of ideals of good and responsible citizenship;

  9. To exemplary in quality of performance, conduct and ethics, and ensure transparency in whatever activity it undertakes;

  10. To promote an understanding of the practical applications of knowledge, including a balance between intellectual land spiritual health, identification with African culture, and integration or co-existence and tolerance of various cultures; and

  11. To be a forum for intellectual dialogue and collaboration with other higher educational institutions for mutual benefit.



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